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The Utilize platform is built specifically for the equipment rental industry. We make it easy to get your equipment listed online, right on your own website, and we make it easy for customers to find it. Maybe, you’ve been using excuses like, “my customer’s don’t know what equipment they need” as a reasons not to allow online reservations. Don’t worry, we just create leads for you directly through your website so you can provide world class service and convenience to your customers. Start adding mobile and after-hours sales, today!


List Equipment
Take the photos and add details to your listings right on your mobile device.
Online Reservations
Only have a phone conversation if you need to.
Better SEO
Crush your competition with content search engines love.
Dynamic Pricing Rules
We know pricing is variable in this market. You should have control over how pricing looks on your website.
Customer Portals

Invoice your customers by allowing them to set up a customer account and submit payment directly within their customer portal.

Mobile Responsive
All of our software was designed with mobile on our mind. It’s fully scalable to any browser you’re using. 
Easily Manage Listings

Master your own online inventory - even from your mobile.

Take control of all your equipment listings. You can even add inventory, instantly. Just point, snap, and punch in the equipment details, right from the yard. No more sending a thumb drive to your ‘web guy’. Just fire up Utilize.
Online reservations

More time on the RIGHT work.

Less time on the phone.

Why spend all that time on the phone asking the same 4 questions? Let the rental contracts and the details around it roll in and be hands off. Let your renters fill out the quick mobile 3 step reservation form and be on their way. Talk to the customers who need help and let the ones that don’t move quickly! It’s the 21st century, not everyone needs a phone call.

Better Search Engine Placement

Better organic search engine placement

This is yuuuuuuge! If you don’t show up in Google, the future is going to be dark. Be at the top of the list when people are looking. When all of your inventory is online, you’ll crush it with searchable content without spending an insane amount on AdWords every month. Being #1 has never been so easy.
Coming Soon: Customer Payments

Collect payments from customers while you're asleep.

Each one of your customers will get a dedicated space where they check on the status of the equipment they rented and pay their account like they pay their credit card. No more sending out invoices over snail mail. Just text a link to their portal. Boom. No excuses. (Looking at you John!)
Coming Soon: Dynamic Pricing Rules

In the rental industry, pricing isn’t always all that simple.

Sometimes, you want to run discounts for a week or a month. Sometimes, you want to adjust prices on an equipment category, quickly. But do your online customers only see fixed pricing, even though you run promotions at the store level? Why shouldn’t your digital storefront reflect those specials? Take control of your pricing and make it easy to roll out promotions and changes at all levels – company-wide, by category, or on specific classes of equipment – with just a couple clicks.

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